Take control of your Skip Hire and Waste Recycling Business with Skip Manager!

The Skip Manager computer system has been designed to enable you to manage your skip hire business more effectively.

From the initial bookings, hire, tracking and collections to credit control, Skip Manager has the functionality you require.

Skip Manager provides you with:

  • Track and recover your skips - on time, every time.
Better Information:The software manages all customer information and skips hired out. Staff can locate any information with just a few keystrokes - giving better information and speedier operations.
Environment Agency:Say goodbye to your quarterly headaches and generate your statutory Environment Agency Waste Return reports in seconds with few simple clicks of a mouse button.
Effective Customer Management:New customer – no problem. Just enter all the order details and the customer record is create automatically and easily retrieved when they call back with their next order. Simplified operations and improved efficiency means lower costs.
Improve Productivity:The system covers the full hiring cycle: from taking the phone call, identifying returning customers & their previous orders, taking the booking, assigning drivers / lorries, printing delivery tickets & collection notes, invoices for trade / credit customers (can be linked to Sage Accounts), credit control and simplified skip collections & exchanges. Improved data entry – fewer keystrokes needed to enter conventional information.

Reduces unnecessary lorry trips – highlights other skips that are near to drop-off points, which may be ready for collection on the return trip.

Multi-user and multi-company operations for the larger organisations.
Professional Organisation:Be the professional and let staff handle customer calls with full details at their fingertips. Skip Manager also improves staff data entry to produce better and professional looking documents.

Effective management means that skips are accountable and you will know where each skip is at any given time, which means that they are less likely to go missing. Reducing the average hire-out period means more skips in the yard for hiring out, making them more cost effective and giving you a higher return on your investment in skips.
Scalable:Suitable for the smaller single yard to the much larger operation with dedicated transport manager / office allocating skip operations to drivers and lorries.

Skip Manager works for you:

Manage BookingsAll skips are entered onto the system so that they can be hired out and tracked according to customer, length of time and location.
Dispatch ManagerFor larger operations, staff can allocate pending deliveries and collections to drivers and lorries for effective management.
Technical SupportFull technical backup is provided to suit your needs and also remote access for fast problem solving in addition to free updates.
One System - Better WorkingSkip Manager has been designed for you to manage all operations in a simple to use, effective and professional computer package for all skip hire businesses.
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